Man Faces Over 10 Years in Prison for Producing and Spreading Child Exploitation Material of Daughters in Tenerife

The Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is seeking a sentence of ten and a half years in prison for a man who created images of child exploitation involving his two young daughters and shared them using various computer applications.

According to a report from Europa Press, the investigation was initiated by the Technological Unit of the National Police in collaboration with international efforts against child pornography. Reports of files containing child exploitation content being circulated through instant messaging led to the case.

Investigators allege that the accused made child exploitation materials available to others through mobile devices at his residence and workplace.

Following a court order in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a search was carried out at his home in La Orotava, resulting in the confiscation of two computers and a mobile phone used to distribute the incriminating images.

Investigators discovered that the man had exploited his own daughters by capturing explicit photographs which were stored in a hidden folder on the seized computer.

Additionally, he filmed his daughters in suggestive poses or outfits, engaging in simulated erotic activities in up to two videos.

In total, he possessed 97 photographs of minors in various compromising positions, along with 53 files, 41 of which were created by him involving his daughters.

The accused is currently out on bail, and the Prosecutor’s Office holds that the crimes committed constitute acts of child corruption and child pornography.

The prosecution also seeks a ban on holding positions involving minors for six years and prohibits him from approaching his daughters for five years.

The trial is scheduled for the upcoming Monday at 10:00 a.m. at the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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