Man from Tenerife missing for 10 days prompts police search in northwest England

The North Yorkshire police in the northeast of England are on the lookout for Seth Martín from Tenerife, a 31-year-old man who vanished in York on Saturday, 24th February and has not been seen since.

The individual was last observed leaving his domicile in the Clifton locality of York at approximately 09:00 GMT that day. Since then, neither his family nor his companions have had any contact with him, as stated in a release by the North Yorkshire Police.

The inquiry encompasses a sweep of the nearby River Ouse, where a figure was spotted in the waters on the same day of his disappearance.

The Spanish Embassy in London revealed on Tuesday that the Ministry of the Interior is in touch with local law enforcement, with the National Police in the Canary Islands offering support to the family in facilitating their journey to York.

Additionally, the Spanish Consulate in Manchester maintains communication with Martín’s kin and the authorities in the Canary Islands to ensure the required aid.

The North Yorkshire police are seeking public assistance to locate the missing man from Tenerife. Any information can be conveyed promptly via email ([email protected]) or by calling the UK number 101.

Martín is described by the police as a tall young man, approximately 1.88 meters tall, slender-built, with a dark complexion.

He sports a distinctive pointed moustache and various tattoos, including one that says “Queen Mother” on his left wrist.

At the time of his disappearance, Martín was clad in blue pyjama bottoms and a striped tee, though authorities do not discard the possibility of him changing attire post-disappearance.

In a declaration published by ‘The York Press’, Martín’s family conveyed feelings of “upset and despair after a week of uncertainty since he went missing.”

On that day, the family of the young man voiced their frustration stating that “neither the police nor Spanish institutions have contributed to the investigation or rendered aid,” urging Spanish authorities to assist in the search for his whereabouts.

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