Protester Expelled from Tenerife Cabildo Meeting for Plea to Curb Tourism Growth

A campaigner has been removed from the special session of the Cabildo de Tenerife on Friday, which unanimously passed the declaration of a water emergency. The incident occurred when the island’s president, Rosa Dávila (Canarian Coalition), was interrupted by the protester shouting, “Canarians are fed up, the islands are at risk.”

Questioning the current Tenerife tourism strategy, the protester queried whether the Tenerife Cabildo will persist in endorsing large-scale tourism projects and raised concerns if the water emergency measures for rural areas might lead to water supply disruptions in tourist zones.

“Enough is enough for the Canarians, abandon this excessive growth model that is wreaking havoc on our islands,” the activist remarked.

Additionally, the protester highlighted that tourists consume “up to 6 times more water than us, the locals,” justifying her plea as not irrational and indicating that she speaks on behalf of “many individuals.”

Rosa Dávila demanded the protester’s removal from the plenary chamber as the demonstration persisted, eventually calling for a recess due to the protester’s insistence.

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