Podemos Introduces Initiative in the House of Commons to Safeguard Puertito de Adeje

Podemos will demand the Ministry of Ecological Transition to halt the ongoing construction works of the Cuna del Alma tourist-residential complex in Puertito de Adeje. To achieve this, they have submitted a non-legislative proposal (PNL) in the House of Commons.

Social media posts by Podemos deputy Noemí Santana reveal that Puertito de Adeje is one of the few untouched coastal areas in Tenerife and is threatened by the construction plans of Cuna del Alma. The deputy emphasises that the developer aims to build 400 high-end villas in an environmentally sensitive area with protected natural species. The initiative calls for compliance with European directives, protection of archaeological heritage, and halting of construction activities.

Referring to the sanction document mentioned by the Podemos deputy, the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the Canary Islands confirmed that it expired on August 31, 2023, for the destruction of an archaeological site.

In the previous legislative session, a fine of €600,000 was proposed to Segunda Casa Adeje SL for a “very serious” violation during the construction of luxury villas, which the Executive failed to implement. Santana highlighted that the expiration of the file allowed the Cuna del Alma promoter to escape consequences.

The Government, under Fernando Clavijo, has lifted the halt on works, leading to what Santana describes as a return to a lawless environment.

Specifically, the Natural Environment Protection Agency initiated a €100,000 sanction against the developer and lifted the precautionary halt on works due to the absence of a mandatory environmental impact assessment.

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