Podemos Canarias Condemns Government Decision to Drop Sanction against Cuna del Alma as a “Betrayal”

Following the news that the CC and PP Government of the Canary Islands has decided to drop the sanctions against the Cuna del Alma mega project in the port of Adeje, Podemos Canarias has strongly denounced this move, labelling it as a “betrayal”. The organization has announced that it will take further action at all administrative levels in response to this decision.

Gabriel González, the councilor in the Adeje City Council for Unidas Sí Podemos and Secretary of Territorial Protection and Sustainability of Podemos Canarias, has described the situation as unprecedented. He stated, “After a two-year battle, the organized citizens of the Canary Islands indisputably proved that the Cuna del Alma project had violated the law, receiving support from both the European Commission and the previous regional government, which was compelled to halt this speculative menace to our territory.”

Expressing indignation, González commented, “It is outrageous to witness the PP and CC Government, along with PSOE of Fraga in Adeje, acknowledging that Filip Hoste has violated laws and harmed Canarian heritage irreparably, yet enabling this alleged criminal to continue destruction without facing any consequences.”

Podemos Canarias highlighted that the withdrawal of sanctions and the resumption of works, decisions made by the Clavijo Executive, could potentially constitute “crimes of extreme gravity” even after irregularities in the project were confirmed by the Government of the Canary Islands.

In response to this situation, the organization has announced plans to initiate actions across all levels of governance. They concluded, “The laws, environment, and Canarian heritage will not be allowed to continue to be desecrated, regardless of the financial resources possessed by those seeking to do so, and who are unfortunately being aided today by PP and the Canarian Coalition in a disgraceful manner from the institutions meant to serve everyone.”

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