Three individuals apprehended at the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife with 6.5 kilos of hashish

The National Police have taken into custody three men at the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, who were found in a hired vehicle transporting 6.5 kilos of hashish and 667 grams of cocaine, as they travelled from Gran Canaria.

Based on information obtained from previous investigations, the National Police got wind of a potential drug transfer from Gran Canaria through the regular ferry services that operate inter-island routes.

During a routine check, the driver of the rental vehicle tried to evade the police upon noticing their presence, leading to their interception, according to sources from the Provincial Police Station.

A search of the vehicle uncovered 6.5 kilos of hashish packaged in 100 gram bundles, and 667 grams of cocaine.

Subsequent to the seizure of the narcotics, the authorities proceeded to arrest the three occupants of the vehicle and impound the rental car due to its reported misappropriation.

Following their apprehension, the detainees were placed in preventive custody after being presented before the competent judicial authority.

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