Tenerife’s Governing Body Supports Cuna del Alma Project Under Legal and Environmental Compliance

Lope Afonso, the vice president and advisor of the Cabildo of Tenerife, expressed his stance in favour of the ‘Cuna del Alma’ tourist development near Puertito de Adeje, emphasizing the necessity for the project to adhere to all legal and environmental prerequisites.

During a press briefing to announce the Government Council’s decisions, he voiced support for “any investment that enhances the island’s economic and employment prospects, as long as it abides by all the legal requirements, including environmental considerations.”

Afonso specified that the Cabildo’s involvement in the project is limited to the heritage aspects that have been previously addressed.

The Canary Islands government, represented by the Canary Islands Agency for the Protection of the Natural Environment (ACPMN), has endorsed the appeal made by the project’s Compensation Board. They also withdrew the proposed punitive fine of 110,000 euros against the developer and lifted the partial work suspension.

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