Man Guilty of Home Burglary in Tenerife Asked to Repay 54,000 Euros by Prosecutor’s Office

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Prosecutor’s Office is seeking a four-year prison sentence and the reimbursement of 54,000 euros, along with the value of the stolen jewellery and the incurred damages, for an individual accused of forcefully breaking into a home. This individual has previously been convicted four times for the same offence.

The defendant has already received final convictions four times for this same crime, totaling five and a half years in prison.

On this latest occasion, he entered the victim’s residence in the San Juan de La Rambla municipality, forcibly broke into the main bedroom, and stole a safe containing 47,000 euros in cash, along with an additional 7,000 euros from a closet.

Furthermore, he took various jewellery items, which were yet to be appraised at the time of the trial scheduled for next week at the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and the assessment of the damages incurred had not been conducted.

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