Doctors at La Candelaria Hospital Express Discontent over On-Call Meal Quality: “It’s Appalling”

Health workers, particularly doctors, at La Candelaria Hospital are voicing their dissatisfaction with the new on-call meal service model due to the inadequate quantity and poor quality of food provided under a ‘cold line’ system.

Levy Cabrera, spokesperson for the Tenerife medical union, summarises to Europa Press, “It is appalling. Some people discard it directly into the trash; the stew looks like gelatin.” Highlighting the “poor quality” of the meals, he believes the complex directors or the Canarian Health Service should be “ashamed.”

Cabrera explains that the measure is initially temporary due to kitchen structure issues and could last up to a month, leading the cafeteria to serve these ‘cold’ meals, subsequently heated in microwaves and served in plastic containers.

Additionally, he highlights that half of the microwaves put into service over the weekend have already “malfunctioned.”

He emphasizes that it is a “disgrace” to have to eat in such conditions, with the added challenge that on-duty doctors cannot leave the premises to eat at a nearby establishment during their 24-hour shifts.

Cabrera laments the lack of “concern” from the management about providing some level of quality to the professionals and questions the possibility of sourcing food from external caterers with higher standards.

He expressed disbelief at the lack of effort to maintain decent meal standards until the hospital’s kitchen is structurally fixed, stressing the difference between fulfilling the legal obligation to provide food and ensuring its quality. “Respect your staff,” he concludes.

Faced with the substandard food, several doctors are contemplating filing written complaints to the cafeteria.

The hospital informs professionals that additional provisioning from the hospital’s kitchen cannot be requested as these supplies are exclusively reserved for patients.

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