Land Liberation: El Mojón Plan Unlocked After 40 Years, Revealing a Million Square Meter Parcel of Land Near Los Cristianos

The Arona City Council’s plenary session, in the southern part of Tenerife, gave the green light on Tuesday to the urban planning agreement, finally unlocking the partial plan of El Mojón, covering an area of 908,306 square meters. The 40-year-long procedure is reaching completion for this expansive swathe of land, which is situated adjacent to the tourist hotspots of Los Cristianos and Las Américas.

The area encompasses plots for hotels, residences, commercial spaces, educational institutions, sports facilities, and public land management envisages partial urbanization and acquisition of 333,000 square meters, representing 36% of the total area. When the urban planning agreement was signed in May 2023, multiple projects for the area had already been completed, including two large parks, the future Arona Arena, and collaborations with companies such as Lidl and McDonald’s.

The proposal received votes in favor from the government team, PP, CC, and Más por Arona, as well as from the PSOE, with Vox abstaining, while Nueva Canarias voted against it.

Fátima Lemes, Mayor of Arona, emphasizes that this plan marks “a watershed moment” for the municipality’s development, not just for Los Cristianos, but for the entirety of Arona and even at a regional level. In fact, the land parcel is as large as the core of Los Cristianos itself.

Luis García, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Territorial Planning and Urban Planning, indicates that based on the plenary agreement, if the roadmap outlined with the board representing the landowners is followed, the partial urbanization, including plots slated for public facilities, could materialize in the coming months.

The Urban Planning team’s legal and technical forecast aims to commence processing licenses for the development of El Mojón this year.

As specified in the agreement approved during the municipal plenary session, out of the 908,306 square meters of El Mojón’s surface area, the council will assume ownership of 332,904 square meters of land (representing 36% of the net area of the partial plan), to be transferred for public use.

These transfers will encompass 120,037 square meters for roadways, parking, and pedestrian areas; 115,736 square meters for green spaces; an urban park spanning 52,818 square meters, and additionally, three plots for cultural, sports, and educational amenities, with a combined area exceeding 44,000 square meters, according to the City Council.

The Councilor for Urban Planning underscores that this land is fully urbanized, with essential urbanization elements like sanitation, electricity, water, and infrastructure already in place.

This will enable the immediate commencement of the validation process and the proposal of projects for plots designated for public facilities, following mandatory technical assessments.

Potential Congestion in Access to TF-1

“Considering the issue of traffic congestion that is already impacting Los Cristianos and the TF-1, and the potential exacerbation of this situation with the commencement of development in this area,” stated Luis García, “we have been concurrently working on identifying short, medium, and long-term mobility solutions while unlocking this partial plan. We have repeatedly stressed to the Cabildo of Tenerife and the Government of the Canary Islands the urgency of prioritising this matter, which affects thousands of people across the island on a daily basis.”

“Regardless of the potential investment and employment opportunities that an urban development may attract, it holds no value if it does not contribute to enhancing citizens’ quality of life. It is incredibly challenging to have a life project in a municipality where individuals lose hours in traffic during peak times. Therefore, improving mobility is an absolute priority for the entire government team and, hopefully, for other competent public administrations,” expressed the municipal head of Urban Planning and Territory.

In conclusion, García expressed gratitude to the government team, specifically the mayor, Fátima Lemes, for the trust and support bestowed upon him to execute this agreement. He also acknowledged the “complex and strenuous” efforts of the technical and legal team of Urban Planning and the Arona City Council, alongside the technical contributions to the plan.

García commended “the unwavering patience demonstrated by the landowners with the City Council over the years and their determination to support this municipality despite the challenges.”

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