Justice withdraws a man’s driving license in Tenerife for causing an accident while drunk

The Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has ratified the withdrawal of the license of a man who caused injuries to three people who were in another vehicle when he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

In addition to endorsing the lower court ruling of the Criminal Court, the Provincial Court imposes the obligation to assume the health expenses incurred by the injured people after an accident that occurred in October 2019 in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife). .

The sentence indicates that the man is the author of a crime against road safety along with reckless injuries, for which he was sentenced to four months in prison and the payment of compensation of 32,000 euros, of which 18,000 euros would be for the driver and the rest would be divided between the two occupants of the damaged vehicle.

In addition to the withdrawal of the license, a ban on driving any motor vehicle and mopeds is imposed for three years, and entry into prison is suspended if the offender does not commit a crime for another two years.

The victims of the accident filed an appeal before the Provincial Court alleging that the ruling did not include payment of civil liability and, more specifically, medical and pharmaceutical expenses.

In the second instance, they are in favor, so now payment is ordered by the convicted person and his insurance company in the amount set in the execution of the sentence.

The accident took place at midnight on October 17, 2019, when the convicted person, with impaired psychophysical faculties, was driving a car along Loro Parque Avenue in the direction of Francisco Afonso Carrillo, in Puerto de la Cruz.

Due to the ingestion of alcohol, the now convicted man had slow reflexes, reduced visual field and alterations in perception, effects that seriously limited his ability to drive the car.

Therefore, when he reached a sharp curve, he did not follow it correctly, he skidded and continued traveling in the opposite lane, colliding with the car in which the three injured people were traveling and causing damage to a wall.

Although the defendant voluntarily submitted to the necessary tests to determine the level of alcohol he had, and was informed of his rights, the level of intoxication he had could not be determined and he also refused to perform the blood tests.

The injured suffered a chest contusion, cervical sprain, cranial hematoma, bruises on the knees, ankle, elbow, shoulders, torn ligaments, which in the case of the woman took 257 days to heal, while one of the men needed 86 and the other 55 for similar injuries in all cases.

The woman was compensated by the defendant’s insurance due to the state of her vehicle and the damage to the wall they collided with was quantified at 874 euros.

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