A man who had 30 birds and nine reptiles of protected species in his house was investigated

Agents from the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Civil Guard are investigating a man who had more than 30 birds and nine reptiles in his home in Candelaria, Tenerife, and who has been accused of a crime against flora. and fauna due to the possession of protected wild species.

Of the total number of animals with some type of protection and that lacked documentation or identification, a total of seven reptiles have been intervened in this home, for lacking documentation to support their legal possession, and two Kramer’s parrots, for lacking authorization.

The inspection of the home was carried out as part of the investigation work to control illegal trafficking of threatened and protected species that have some type of special protection or entry restriction into the national territory, the Civil Guard underlines this Tuesday in a release.

In this regard, it details that the collaboration of the Neotropic Foundation has been requested to identify the animals that are affected by some protection or are included in the Regulations relating to the protection of wild fauna and flora.

As a result of this inspection, it has been proposed that five administrative complaints be filed against this person, one for violation of the Natural Heritage and Biodiversity Law, two for the Animal Protection Law and two for the Animal Health Law.

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