Almost ten tons of fruit and vegetables sold illegally in Tenerife were seized

The Civil Guard has seized almost ten tons of fruit and vegetables in Tenerife that were apparently being sold illegally.

A note from the Civil Guard indicates that a total of 9,572 kilos of fruits and vegetables whose origin could not be accredited by the investigated sellers have been withdrawn from the market.

As a result of the inspections carried out, 2,574 kilos of avocados, 1,553 kilos of tomatoes, 2,222 kilos of pumpkin, 1,815 kilos of papayas, 837 kilos of sweet potatoes, 369 kilos of cabbages, 210 kilos of zucchini, 88 kilos of potatoes and 84 kilos of beets.

According to the note, their owners lacked the corresponding documentation to prove the legal origin and traceability of the products offered to the consumer and it is not ruled out that the pieces come from thefts that are committed on agricultural farms, which the Civil Guard adds. , a serious health risk when sanitary control is lost.

During the inspections, the agents confirmed how the fruit and vegetables were trying to be marketed with labels that did not correspond, in boxes of other types of fruit or without labeling to prove their legitimate and safe origin.

The agents have notified the owners of various complaint reports for violations of Law 6/2019, of April 9, on Agri-Food Quality established in articles 50 and 51 as minor and serious violations as the intervened fruit lacks the corresponding labeling.

Operation “HASS I” has been carried out by civil guards from the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA), the Rock Team and the Citizen Security Unit (USECIC).

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