Unidas Se Podemos considers the new PSOE-CC agreement in La Laguna as the “pact of shame”

The co-spokesperson of Unidas Se Podemos in La Laguna, Rubens Ascanio and Idaira Afonso, have offered this Friday their point of view regarding the pact sealed this Thursday in which for the third time PSOE and the Canarian Coalition will be part of the same government, in which They point out that it will be “the most expensive government in democracy, after the exponential salary increase approved by both parties in July.”

Ascanio and Afonso assure that “although they now want to justify this step with lies, although they try to blame the force that has been holding its hand since June, with the desire to reach an agreement for progress, the reality is that at no time in these “For five wasted months they have tried to make even the slightest progress in that direction.”

Faced with this scenario, Unidas Se Podemos announces an opposition full of proposals for the benefit of citizens, but also “a tough audit of the management, to prevent the misuse of public spaces and the massive placement of like-minded people from becoming the hallmark again.” of identity of local politics”, the co-spokespersons of Unidad Se Podemos have assessed.

According to Ascanio, it is about the “pact of shame, where neither of the two candidates who led those parties in May were present, supported by false arguments, since no matter how much they repeat it to calm their electorate and their bases, there was an alternative viable and brave, truly progressive, but that did not give them the key to control of the human resources of the University Hospital, which seems to be more important than any other issue.” The Lagunero councilor points out that “the citizens have been blatantly lied to, with a polarized campaign, where they swore and perjured that this pact that they have been activating would not be possible, a pact signed with funeral faces, which hides the distribution of interests more than of areas”.

The pact, which according to this councilor “was clear since June”, and he believes that “has been delayed, leaving La Laguna on pause, with historic mobilizations of municipal staff and strikes of fundamental services, in addition to returning close to 1.5 million euros in unprocessed subsidies for areas that were going to change hands no matter what, as we said in the last plenary session.”

For his part, Afonso assures that it is “a clear involution, a return to a distribution of disconnected political spaces where political interest is once again over the general interest.” He believes that, although “the Canarian Coalition accepts an unprecedented change in democracy, leaving part of its councilors outside the Government, while the PSOE is complete, Clavijo comes out strengthened, he knows that he will have a mandate with a potential replacement in his support in Parliament and Council, and once again places his party at the center of all possible attempts at the mandate.”

Afonso highlights that for the first time the Complaints and Suggestions commission will be occupied by a Government party, when it has always corresponded to the opposition, as it is a control body as stated in article 113 of the Municipal Organic Regulations. “It seems to us that it is quite a gesture by the new Government, which makes a declaration of obscurantism and lack of transparency,” he says.

He also considers that with this decision a sustained agreement is achieved “in interests, not in proposals, where we will see two City Councils again and also reactivates the political space that will not take long to regain its strength, after four years of regeneration.”

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