The PSOE of Tenerife requests that the National Volcanology Center be on “the island where Mount Teide stands”

The Socialist group in the Tenerife Council has presented a motion for this Friday’s plenary session that asks to urge the Government of Spain to adopt the decisions that allow Tenerife to host the National Volcanology Center.

Months after confirming that the aforementioned space would be on the islands, the socialist party invites in a statement that the regional government also defend and urge the State to make the “appropriate decisions” that allow the island to host the center.

The socialists defend that Tenerife “is the island with the greatest volcanic risk in Spain” and is where the Teide volcano is located, declared by the International Association of Volcanology and UNESCO as one of the 16 volcanoes of the decade due to its history of eruptions and its proximity to densely populated areas.

The socialist group has recalled that the National Volcanology Center is an entity unanimously demanded by the Senate in 2005, the Parliament of the Canary Islands in 2006, and the Congress of Deputies in 2009.

Thus, he has highlighted the importance of the space, exalting its main purpose, which is to contribute to the improvement of volcanic risk management in Spain, especially in the Canary Islands, “the only volcanically active region of the national territory with volcanic risk.”

In addition, they have also emphasized its other purpose, which will be the optimization and management of the benefits that come with living in a territory of this type, such as everything related to geothermal resources or geotourism.

The PSOE continues that the vocation of the mandate of the Spanish and Canary Islands legislative chambers was to promote an institute or center of which the General Administration of the State, the Government of the Canary Islands, the island councils were part and that had the participation of the Canary Islands public universities. .

However, the socialists claim, and given that other public administrations did not take the initiative, on June 29, 2010, the Tenerife Council established the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute.

They remember that in the previous mandate, in 2021, the Island Action Plan against Volcanic Risk of the island of Tenerife was approved, a document that evaluates the volcanic threat on the island and establishes an action plan against a volcanic emergency.

In addition, they add, the Government of Spain made the decision in 2022 to decentralize the headquarters of the state institutional public sector, through the approval of Royal Decree 209/2022, of March 22.

A latter step that establishes the procedure for determining the physical headquarters of the entities of the state institutional public sector and that creates the Advisory Commission for the determination of the headquarters.

In this way, and after confirming that the headquarters of the National Volcanology Center would be in the Canary Islands, the PSOE believes it is necessary to insist to the Government of Spain and the Government of the Canary Islands that its main headquarters must be in Tenerife, the island with the greatest volcanic risk of Spain.

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