The mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife now appeals to the Ombudsman after confirming that he is not entitled to appeal the Amnesty Law

The Legal Services of the City Council of Santa Cruz of Tenerife They have clarified to their mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez (Canarian Coalition) that he is not entitled to intervene in a Law that is already being processed in the Congress of Deputies. It is the conclusion of a report that the mayor himself had requested in mid-November in order to fight against Amnesty Law. For this reason, he announces that he will go to the Ombudsman.

“The legal services have responded to me with a detailed report that explains, among other things, that once the proposed organic law enters or has entered Congress, the City Council is not authorized to intervene in this process,” said Bermúdez. (law graduate) this Monday in an appearance.

The mayor added that this report does explain that there is the “possibility of an appeal for unconstitutionality being presented once the Law is approved and published in the BOE.” An appeal for unconstitutionality of an organic Law can be filed by the President of the Government of Spain, by fifty deputies or fifty senators and also by the Ombudsman.

“In a climate of confrontation and polarization in which precisely this confrontation has worsened due to the processing of this Law, where politics is contaminating social life and judges are being questioned, I believe that the most appropriate way “It is this: go to the Ombudsman to present an appeal to the Constitutional Court once the text is approved,” he defended.

Bermúdez insisted that this is one of the powers of the Ombudsman “and there are many associations or people who go to the Ombudsman precisely to file an unconstitutionality appeal,” he said. “First, because he is among all his powers and second because he is a figure of absolutely independent and apolitical character, according to his own statute, which is due to the Spanish,” Bermúdez added.

The mayor stressed that at this moment the Ombudsman “is the only body that can establish itself as an authentic defender of all Spanish citizens who believe that this Law is not a Law that contributes to improving the rule of law, but on the contrary it What it does is abolish the rule of law,” said the Canarian Coalition politician.

“Given the impossibility of doing it directly by virtue of my position as mayor,” Bermúdez admitted, he will “personally” request the Ombudsman that, once the Law is approved, this unconstitutionality appeal be filed.

“Our request is very clear and is based on the defense of the Spanish constitution of 1978 and the basic principles of legal security, the equality of all Spaniards before the law and judicial independence. So a law that should be general in principle is being used as a political instrument for the benefit of only a few,” he assured.

The CC agreement with the PSOE

The mayor has been waiting for more than a month for the City Council’s legal services to answer whether you can act against the amnesty. This intention was announced in mid-November when his party had already sealed an agreement with the PSOE to invest in Pedro Sánchez in which it is clarified that it is not linked to the Amnesty.

“This is a legislative agreement but it does not bind us to the amnesty, which we reject,” said the Secretary of CC Organization, David Toledo, after the signing of the agreement. Representative Cristina Valido herself during the process for Sánchez’s investiture voted “yes” because she had acted with her head, but not with her heart, putting the “Canarian agenda” first.

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