Justice refuses to release the accused of causing the July fire in Los Realejos

The Sixth Section of the Provincial Court has rejected through an order to release the resident of Los Realejos accused of being the alleged person responsible for the fire that started in this municipality on July 14 of this year, between 7:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. :00 hours in the Barranco de Los Dornajos in the Icod Alto neighborhood.

His lawyer indicates that he is currently waiting for various expert tests to be carried out and will then ask again for release and for the proceedings to be filed.

The problem he faces, he points out, is the saturation of work in the La Orotava courts where the case is being processed, but as a “positive fact” the lawyer highlights that the Los Realejos City Council has resigned from continuing to act as a private prosecutor.

The Forestry Brigade, professional and volunteer firefighters, aerial resources, local police of Los Realejos, national police and ambulances intervened in extinguishing the fire and according to the report prepared by the Cabildo, the fire was caused by the high temperatures and when the Canarian Government had maximum alert declared.

The burned area reached nearly three hectares, it was agreed to evacuate stables and stables that were burned and 26 homes, two municipal water supply tanks, an equestrian center and a pig farm were affected.

The investigations, according to the court, “provided sufficient evidence” to conclude that the fire was intentional and that it started at a specific point, to which are added the statements of a neighbor who assured that she saw the accused in the surrounding area despite not having land or working on the farms.

The woman identified the defendant, described his clothes and assured that shortly afterward the fire started just as she recorded on video at a point that would be just 15 meters from the origin of the fire.

From that moment on, the entry and search of his home was ordered, where 25 lighters, 21 unused candles, 4 used ones, 113 pieces of toilet paper, three bottles of alcohol, ten knives, a glove, two paper magazines and a mobile.

The detainee could not explain the reason why these objects were in his possession, he said that he is not a smoker and that he used the candles when there was no light, which he admitted was not usual.

The man worked for ten years for the public company Tragsa for which he received training in firefighting, and regarding the psychic report it is noted that in addition to the 68% disability, he did not have any major illnesses or disorders that limit his ability to act. .

The sentences that could be imposed range between three and six years in prison, which would also justify the need to continue with preventive detention.

His lawyer indicates that he will maintain his innocence and once he is released and free of charges, the family is interested in “purging responsibilities” for the comments made on social networks “with insults and lies.”

The defense alleges that his disability calls into question his imputability, that he receives a pension of 700 euros and therefore lacks sufficient financial means to escape the action of justice and that despite living alone he has the support of family and neighbors. .

One of the reasons that led the judicial authorities to adopt provisional detention was that in 2007 he had been convicted for an act of the same nature, but it was immediately reiterated that there was no other conviction or pending case.

Regarding the statement that the person under investigation could have been related to other mishaps of this type that took place throughout these years in the surroundings of his home, there is no evidence to support his involvement.

Both the Cabildo and the Public Prosecutor’s Office opposed his release and the Court of La Orotava also supported it, as the requirements demanded by the legislation were met.

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