The unions sign a 3% wage increase in construction in Tenerife

Unions UGT and CCOO and the Provincial Federation of Construction Entities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Fepeco) have signed a Salary increase 3% by 2024, the employers’ association reported this Friday.

The work calendar for 2024 has also been approved, so that in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife there will be no work on January 5, February 12, May 31, August 16 and October 11, as well like December 24 and 31. Another five days will not be work days either, which may be requested to accumulate to the annual or vacation period. for your own business, and you can request at least 8 hours, distributed over various days.

Workers who do not provide effective services throughout the year will be compensated for the days or hours pending enjoyment, in proportion to the period worked through payment in their respective settlements at the end of their employment contract. All non-working days or hours indicated will be compensated at the rate of base salary, attendance bonus and transportation bonus of the salary tables of the agreement and/or at the rate of individual salary agreements higher than the agreement.

In the islands and municipalities that set their insular or local holidays coinciding with Saturday, Sunday or some of the designated days, and in order to compensate for the excess hours that this entails, the rest will be transferred to the next business day, considering, for Therefore, said non-working days are paid at the base salary or at the value of individual salary agreements higher than the agreement..

By mutual agreement, the company and the legal representation of the workers may establish a different distribution of the established days.

Companies in the construction trade, due to the existing competitiveness in the market and given the difficulties that they may have due to the circumstances of their activity, will agree with the legal representatives of the workers on a different distribution of the agreed days, setting the agreement in their work calendar, respecting at all times the weekly working day of 40 hours distributed from Monday to Saturday and the maximum annual calculation of 1736 hours.

The agreements made will come into force from this Friday, regardless of the date on which they are published in the Official Gazette of the Province..

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