The PSOE amends the entire budgets of the Cabildo de Tenerife while CC and PP discredit its “disastrous management”

The president of the socialist group in it Cabildo of Tenerife, Pedro Martínhas announced the presentation of a amendment to the entire project budgets of the Corporation and 50 partial amendments “with the desire to be constructive and try to improve these budgets.” Martín understands that the accounts are “misleading and disappointing” and “not only do they not resolve people’s lives, but they also do not reflect the announcements that have been made, generating expectations for citizens that, obviously, are not going to be met.” achieve”. CC and PPfor their part, discredits his “disastrous management” in the previous stage.

Martín has highlighted that a large part of the measures, especially in terms of mobility and roads, that Rosa Dávila has announced do not have their translation in the budgets and has said that despite being expansive budgets, with a growth of 10% and exceed 1,000 million euros, they withdraw important funds from municipalities and cut back on matters such as Equality or Diversity.

The president of the socialist group also believes that the Cabildo should be the institution that structures and promotes municipalism on the Island. However, in his opinion, “these accounts are anti-municipalist because they almost eliminate the subsidy for employment policies, leaving it at 1 million euros compared to 8.8 million the previous year; which represents 88% less and very far from the three programs worth the 29 million euros that we provided or the 54 million euros of support lines for companies that allowed unemployment figures to be reduced on the island. ” , he added.

Likewise, Pedro Martín denounced the reduction of the Municipal Modernization Program, which is reduced by 40%, or the drop of almost 17% in the budget of the Insular Water Council, “which puts at risk the progress made in sanitation,” warned the former president of the Cabildo. He also indicated that other items that are reduced are those allocated to the ‘Tenerife and the Sea’ Program, which focused on improving the infrastructure of degraded coasts and which drops by 50%, and aid to Agromarkets, which drops by 82%. , “putting at risk the viability of some of them such as Fasnia or La Laguna.”

The socialist councilor also denounced the reduction of the Equality budget by 9% and the Diversity budget by 52%, “a reduction that is reflected mainly in the main instrument of the Island Council of Tenerife to promote equality policies on the island of Tenerife: the Strategic Framework of Tenerife Violeta, which reduces its budget by 5%.”

For their part, CC and PP in the Cabildo of Tenerife have wanted to respond to the criticism of the president of the socialist group and have reminded Pedro Martín that his economic management in the last legislature was “the worst in the history of the Cabildo”. a “disastrous management resulting from the negligence of Martín and the socialists when it came to governing the island,” they added. Popular and nationalists have assured that, during the previous mandate, the PSOE and Pedro Martín stopped spending more than 634 million euros, which is a “scandalous” figure and shows the “null government and the paralysis that the island suffered.” ” in the last four years.

In this sense, CC and PP point out that in the last two years of the socialist government, 240 million euros were not invested. “When we said that the island had a lack of leadership, we were referring precisely to this type of things. It is not that there was no money, but that Pedro Martín and the PSOE did not work in the slightest to have a strong Council,” they highlight.

“The socialists were more concerned with destroying than creating,” nationalists and popularists remember. The official data from the Treasury area between 2019 and 2022 include the budget execution of the previous government group. Thus, in 2019, 136 million euros were not implemented, while in 2020 the figure rose to 171 million euros. In 2021 the figure reached 169 million euros, while in 2022 the PSOE stopped executing 158 million euros.

In the words of the PP and CC, “another example of the poor management of the PSOE was its sectarian and unbalanced investment between the municipalities of Tenerife during its mandate with accounts that generated inequality in Tenerife and only responded to a sectarian political criterion such as the to benefit the municipalities governed by the PSOE.”

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