The mayor of La Laguna criticizes the closure of the TF-5 in Guamasa and defends other alternatives to alleviate traffic

The mayor of La Laguna, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez (PSOE), held a working meeting this Monday with the president of the Provincial Federation of Construction Entities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (FEPECO), Óscar Izquierdo, and with businessmen and women from the sector to analyze the mobility situation on the island and convey their main concerns about the road works that affect the municipality and that are pending development.

Gutiérrez expressed his concern about the situation that is being generated around the traffic jams on the TF-5 and the closure of the Guamasa access, “which has meant a clear detriment to the citizens” of the municipality, which has already expressed his discomforthe recalled, and that “it has not meant a significant relief in highway traffic.”

“Instead of betting on these tests,” he noted, “which we have shown with data and reports from our technicians that they are not the solution, we must decisively promote truly effective large works such as the TF-5 variant to the height of La Laguna, the Mesa Mota-Gorgolana tunnel or the burying of the aforementioned highway, which we have been demanding for so long,” added Luis Yeray Gutiérrez.

Óscar Izquierdo expressed himself along these lines, who opted for the burying of the TF-5, between Los Rodeos and the University of La Laguna (Las Chumberas), as the “most exciting and hopeful” solution for the future of Tenerife. “If this work becomes a reality, it would not only alleviate the traffic coming and going from the north of Tenerife, but it would also unify the city of La Laguna from an urban, social, economic and territorial point of view.”

The president of the insular construction association stressed that “alternatives are on the table, but what is missing is the political will of the public administrations that have jurisdiction in these large projects, which would benefit everyone and not just a few.” ”.

Óscar Left stressed the importance of having to completely close the island ring, but warned that “if the TF-5 variant is not executed in La Laguna, nor is the burial undertaken, nor is the outer road executed, the ring will never It will close completely and we will be left with an incomprehensible circulatory horseshoe on our island.”

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