The Prosecutor’s Office requests 4.5 years in prison for a man who was arrested in Tenerife with 13 coca wrappers in a kinder egg

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Prosecutor’s Office reaffirmed this Monday in its request for four and a half years in prison for a man who, at this year’s carnivals, the police found 12 papers of cocaine inside a kinder egg, and one more in a sweatshirt in a neighborhood of La Laguna.

The defendant’s defense requests free acquittal considering that the drug was for personal consumption given the festive dates in which the intervention took place.

The accused admitted the facts but said that at that time he had just bought it for 300 euros for the Carnivals and that he threw it on the ground because several years ago he went to prison for this same crime.

His lawyer said that the amount seized, six and a half grams, is below the seven and a half that would result in the charge of substance trafficking.

The man assured that he is not currently a consumer and that the trafficker, whom he did not identify, gave him some more paper because he had bought 300 euros.

The police officer who participated in the hearing held this Monday said that the place is known as a trafficking point, although he considers that the entire center of La Laguna would fall within this group.

The prosecutor concludes that the accused’s version falls under its own weight, while the defense says that he bought the drugs divided and that it has not been proven that he intended to sell it.

The police caught the attention of the defendant because as soon as he saw the officers he ran out and threw a suspicious package on the ground, and at first told them that it was not his.

The thirteen papers had a purity of 78.1%, were valued at around 400 euros and the prosecutor maintains that they were going to be sold.

The Public Ministry requests the payment of 1,200 euros and the confiscation of the seized substance and the 756 euros that were found in its possession.

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