The Prosecutor’s Office asks for four years for trying to end the life of his wife in La Laguna

A man has been accused by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Prosecutor’s Office of trying to end the life of his wife, whose neck and mouth he squeezed, leaving her without breathing until the woman was able to get away and leave the home, located in the municipality of The lagoon.

Both had been married for 46 years and have three adult children.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office brief, that day he became angry because the woman had remained outside the home for several hours. When she arrived and was sitting on the bed she began to squeeze his neck, both of them falling to the floor, where he continued to attack her in the same way until she was able to escape from her.

As a result, the wife suffered bruises on her neck, upper eyelid and right wrist, wounds that took five days to heal.

The victim filed a complaint and immediately the man was provisionally detained without bail until his release was finally ordered.

During the trial that will take place next week at the Tenerife Provincial Court, the Prosecutor’s Office will maintain that the aggravating circumstance of kinship must be taken into account when imposing the sentence and order a prohibition on approaching his wife within 500 meters or communicating with she.

Nor will he be able to reside in the house for ten years, all of this once he is released and if he is found guilty of this crime.

The Public Ministry requests that the defendant compensate the wife with 250 euros for the days of healing required for the injuries caused.

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