The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Prosecutor’s Office requests 9 years in prison and the payment of 300,000 euros for transmitting HIV to her boyfriend

The Prosecutor’s Office Santa Cruz of Tenerife has requested that it be imposed on a women a grief of 9 years in prison and the payment of 300,000 euros to a man who was her partner and to whom she supposedly transmitted the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV). The trial was going to take place in June but was suspended until next week.

The relationship began in June 2018 but since 2014 she already knew that she was diagnosed with this disease, so despite having perfect knowledge of it and the serious risk of contagion, she had sexual relations for a year without informing her boyfriend and without take appropriate protective measures. The consequence is that the man was infected by the woman, which he became aware of on December 16, 2019, from which point he requires medical treatment throughout his life. Furthermore, he is obliged to take the necessary care measures to not spread the disease to third parties, all of which circumstances have significantly affected his quality of life since then.

The man chose to report the facts to the national police at the end of 2019 and now the Public Ministry has considered this to be an alleged crime of injuries. Once the accused serves the possible sentence of deprivation of liberty, she would be prohibited from approaching less than 100 meters from the injured party for ten and a half years, as well as from communicating through any means. Of the 300,000 euros set as compensation, 150,000 correspond to the treatment that the infected person must undergo throughout their life and the remaining amount will serve to compensate for the moral suffering caused, plus the legal interest that is established according to the legislation.

At the trial, several forensic doctors who have examined the woman and those from the Canarian Health Service (SCS) who will report on the evolution of the disease are called to testify. At the time, the corresponding civil liability case was opened in order for the accused to provide a bond to cover the possible compensation.

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