A neighbor from Tenerife manages to cancel a debt of 36,000 euros accumulated after her separation

A resident of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has managed to cancel, thanks to the Second Chance Law, a debt of 36,000 euros due to the loans she had to apply for to cover her basic expenses alone when her personal situation suddenly changed after a breakup.

The law firm Canarias Sin Deuda has handled the case, which has concluded with the total cancellation of the debt of this administrative assistant who, after breaking up with her partner, with whom she shared the expenses, had to assume all the financial responsibilities herself. herself and resort to new credits that led her to accumulate new debts.

According to the lawyer of Canarias Sin Debuda, Daniel Corredera, the story of this resident of Santa Cruz is “a clear example of how people can find themselves trapped in the cycle of debt due to challenging personal situations. Our mission is to provide support and solutions to cases facing overwhelming financial problems.”

The affected person reported that after separating she had to assume all financial responsibilities and that is where her fight to survive began. She discovered the entity Canarias Sin Deuda watching a case on Televisión Canaria and in one year, with its help, she has been able to solve a situation that did not allow her to sleep. She highlighted that the process turned out to be faster and less complicated than she had imagined and admitted that this second chance has completely transformed her life.

On the other hand, legal advisor Gabriela León explained that in this case, in addition to debt forgiveness, this person will keep their vehicle, which will allow them to maintain their mobility and improve their employment and economic situation.

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