The Prosecutor’s Office requests 6 years in prison for three people for attacking another with a bottle in Tenerife

Three people will appear next week in the dock of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife when the Prosecutor’s Office attributes the authorship of a crime of injuries with the aggravating circumstance of numerical superiority, for which six years are requested for each one. of prison.

The public ministry also requests that the victim be compensated in the amount established in the execution of the sentence, taking into account the injuries and consequences suffered.

The events would have taken place outside a supermarket in the town of Adeje, when the two accused, born in Guía de Isora, and a woman of Italian nationality, would have used a glass bottle to attack the victim, taking advantage of their numerical superiority. .

The victim was beaten repeatedly and suffered multiple bruises, lost teeth and a fractured finger, injuries that required 30 days to heal.

Currently, the man has aesthetic damage due to the scars left by the attack and the loss of two teeth.

During the hearing, the national police officers who appeared at the scene, a forensic doctor, and the accused and the victim will also testify.

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