The Prosecutor’s Office requests almost eight years in prison for a man from Tenerife for robbery and illegal retention

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Prosecutor’s Office requests a sentence of three years and five months in prison for a man for robbery with violence, plus four and a half years for illegal retention of which another man was subjected, to whom he would have to compensate 6,000 euros for the crimes. days it was held, moral damages caused and the value in which what was stolen is quantified.

The accused has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and has had numerous psychiatric admissions, for which he is recognized as having a mental disability of 65% and receives a pension.

The Public Ministry reports that the defendant, always motivated by the same purpose of obtaining economic benefit, repeatedly harassed and intimidated the victim in order to take away valuable objects and a pension he received, which he achieved several times. with the threat of harming him and his mother.

On one occasion, he approached him and, holding him tightly, took him to the defendant’s home in Santa Cruz, where, causing him to fear, he managed to get him to give him a cell phone, a watch, and the disability voucher for public transportation.

The Prosecutor’s Office reports that, not satisfied with this, he was forcibly detained in the house to wait for the day of collection of the pension, although finally the victim was able to escape in the morning thanks to the intervention of a brother of the accused.

The defendant has a conviction for a minor crime of theft, injuries or family abuse and driving without a license.

Since that date, the precautionary measure was imposed prohibiting him from approaching or communicating with the victim and in fact, if he is convicted, he is requested to stay away half a kilometer and not communicate with the complainant for another five years for each crime.

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