La Laguna will rehabilitate nine homes in La Piterita to use them for affordable rentals

The City Council of La Laguna, through the Municipal Society of Housing and Services (Muvisa), will undertake the rehabilitation project of nine homes located in the area of ​​La Piterita, on Roque Agando Street, to use them for sustainable rental, once the adaptation work is completed.

The building has eight three-bedroom homes, spread over two floors, and one adapted two-bedroom home. The basement has nine parking spaces (24.70 m2), one of them adapted, and several storage rooms. All homes have an area of ​​68.30 square meters.

The City Council of La Laguna, once acquired the property for an amount close to 830,000 euros, has verified the state of the electrical installations and has already made the relevant contracts with the supply company, so that there is already energy in the common areas and in the elevator.

A specialized contract has also been formalized for the commissioning of the aforementioned elevator, which will include not only the work of inclusion, replacement or repair of the necessary elements, but also the first commissioning of the same, since it never came into service. functioning.

It is estimated that the tender for the rehabilitation project will be published on the State Contracting Platform in the first half of next November. The time stipulated for said award will be two months, so in mid-January 2024 the works would be awarded and in February the planned work would be launched.

If the established period of three months of works is met, by the middle of next year these nine homes could be available in perfect conditions for their use as affordable rentals, that is, with a price that represents less than 30% of the income. of the tenant.

To adapt the building to a state of service in accordance with the applicable regulations, a project is being drafted that defines the work required, which includes the replacement of damaged or removed elements (installations, carpentry, etc.), the adaptation of damaged finishes and the specific modification of elements that require it due to regulatory requirements. The estimated cost of these interventions amounts to around 250,000 euros.

The City Council has explained that these homes are within the acquisition plan planned by the Municipal Society of Housing and Services (Muvisa), which aims to expand the public park intended to meet the needs of the various programs that the City Council of La Laguna has in matters of Social Welfare and Quality of Life.

In the near future, he adds, the acquisition of new properties by Muvisa will be announced, in other parts of the municipality, which will be used for the same social purpose. The objective of the municipal corporation is that the buildings acquired are complete, with a minimum of four homes that mostly have 3 and 2 bedrooms. Furthermore, they must be located in consolidated environments of services and infrastructure, all in accordance with urban planning legality, as well as in technical and legal conditions for the use of the home, free of occupants and tenants and except for charges.

Finally, priority will be given to properties that are already completed, in habitable conditions for residential use and immediate occupation, without prejudice to the fact that they require some adaptations or reforms to fix certain defects, as is the case of the nine homes in La Piterita. .

The mayor of La Laguna, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, visited the property this Tuesday, October 31, together with the CEO of Muvisa, Nacho Viciana, and the municipal councilors of Works and Infrastructure and Social Welfare and Quality of Life, Adolfo Cordobés and María Cruz, respectively. The architect responsible for the technical area of ​​Muvisa, Antonio Pérez, was also present.

Luis Yeray Gutiérrez recalled that “one of the purposes of this Government team is to guarantee La Laguna citizens’ access to decent housing in reasonable conditions, so actions of this type allow us to expand our resources and, at the same time , to offer alternatives to our neighbors, that do not represent a reduction in their quality of life due to a high rental price.”

“Once the state of conservation of the building has been verified, it does not present major damages, despite having been the object of some illegal occupation and acts of vandalism, so the duration of the works can be adjusted to three months,” declared the mayor. lagoon during the event.

For her part, the Lagunera Councilor for Social Welfare, María Cruz, specified that, when the rehabilitation process is completed, the procedure for acquiring these properties will begin among the citizens of the municipality registered in the official registry of this Department for people without home.

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