This Monday Titsa launches two shuttle buses to the ULL and increases routes with the north and south of Tenerife

The Cabildo of Tenerife, through the Interurban Transport of Tenerife (Titsa), will launch two lines of transportation starting this Monday. shuttle buses until the University of La Laguna (ULL) with the objective of “improving mobility”, especially of the university community in the north of the Island.

The company will create the ULL 606 Shuttle line that will link the Icod de los Vinos Station with the Guajara Campus Lecture Hall, with stops in Buen Paso, La Uvi, Santa Catalina, El Cubo, Enlace de Los Realejos, Enlace de La Orotava, Coromoto, Faculty of Economics and Classroom. This route will leave from the Icod de los Vinos Station at 06:30 am and will return from the university campus at 2:45 pm.

In addition, Titsa will launch the ULL 608 Shuttle, from Los Realejos to the Aulario de Guajara with stops at Avenida de Canarias, Los Barros, Enlace Los Realejos, Enlace Orotava, Coromoto, Faculty of Economics and Aulario. The departure from the Mencey Bencomo square in Los Realejos will be at 06:50 and will return from Guajara at 2:45 p.m. Both shuttles share a stop at the Los Realejos Link, which increases the mobility options for users in the northern part of the island.

Line reinforcements in the north and south

The Cabildo of Tenerife has reported that Titsa will add new trips in both directions to line 100 (Puerto de la Cruz, via the Botánico – TF-5 Highway – Santa Cruz – Intercambiador), as is the case with lines 102 and 103 ( Santa Cruz de Tenerife-Puerto de la Cruz Interchange).

Line 106 (Icod – Santa Cruz direct) changes its schedules to have more offer combined with the schedules of line 108 (Icod – Los Realejos – La Orotava – TF-5 – La Laguna – Santa Cruz), which modifies its schedules on weekdays to give more frequencies to travelers combined with the 106.

In the southern part of the island, Titsa will also strengthen several services such as line 447 (Los Cristianos- Costa Adeje- Adeje (Las Torres), 470 (El Médano- Costa San Miguel – Las Galletas – Los Cristianos) and 473 (Los Cristianos – Costa Adeje Station – Callao Salvaje – Los Gigantes) and 483 (Los Cristianos – Costa Adeje Station – Callao Salvaje – Los Gigantes), which will add trips and change schedules to improve connectivity.

In addition, night line 420 (Los Cristianos – Vale San Lorenzo) will disappear and will be integrated into line 418, which will allow passengers to travel between the Costa Adeje Station and Valle San Lorenzo during the day and reinforce the connection Los Cristianos – San Lorenzo Valley at night with more trips.

Likewise, Titsa will add a trip on Line 10 (Santa Cruz- Caletillas – San Isidro – South Airport) at 07:45 on weekdays.

For its part, line 015 (Santa Cruz-La Laguna) will have more trips on working days, while line 110 (Santa Cruz de Tenerife Interchange – Costa Adeje Station, direct), will add one trip on working days from the capital , which will give passengers more options and flexibility in their travels.

The president of the Cabildo, Rosa Dávila, has highlighted the importance of launching the shuttles, which is complemented by the reinforcement of the lines in both the north and the south and “which fall within the package of 20 measures to improve and achieve “sustainable mobility and for which it is necessary to promote the use of public transport.”

At this point, Rosa Dávila wanted to remember that the reinforcement of the lines is combined with other measures such as the lowering of the travel limit for free transportation from 15 to 10 trips.

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