The rain directs the efforts to extinguish the Tenerife fire

The Cabildo of Tenerife has advanced this Friday in the extinction work of the fire after the arrival of the first rains in the northern area of ​​the island, where an average of approximately 25 liters per square meter has been recorded in the main reactivation points in El Sauzal and Santa Úrsula.

These rainfalls have facilitated the work and the Brifor operation, which is made up of 67 people distributed in three shifts, has carried out surveillance work in the affected areas with the aim of locating and liquidating the hot spots, as reported by the Cabildo in a statement. .

A contingent will remain overnight to continue monitoring the areas.

The weather forecast for the weekend includes rain in the north of the Island, which means progress is expected in the extinction work.

Despite the arrival of the rains, the Cabildo has recalled that the subsoil fire continues, so it is prohibited to travel through the areas affected by the fire due to the risk it entails for people, both due to the possible presence of fire, such as falling trees and scorched soil, where there is a risk of sinking if stepped on.

In the rest of the island, ordinary activities are allowed, which involve the ordinary use of the mountains and protected natural spaces provided for in the laws and regulations – specifically, those that regulate preventive measures against forest fires – and in the plans and regulations. protected natural spaces.

In this sense, whenever the Pre-Alert situation due to the risk of forest fires is declared, the burning of agricultural or forestry plant remains will be prohibited.

In this regard, the Cabildo has extended the forest risk alert situation on the island until next October 29.

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