“A significant portion of the queues have been alleviated”

The president of the Cabildo of Tenerife, Rosa Dávila, appeared this Wednesday to take stock of her first 100 days at the head of the island corporation, a balance that she considered positive in terms of mobility on the island because, according to her, “a “an important part of the queues has been alleviated.”

Dávila has stated that his team has done “more in 90 days than the previous government team did in four years.” It is worth remembering that during the electoral campaign, Rosa Dávila stated that she would end the queues on the island’s highways in just 90 days, although once in office as president of the Cabildo she stated that within that period could not solve this problem.

This Wednesday, the president acknowledged that this relief in traffic is a “perception” of hers, but added that they have “found” that the queues previously began at La Orotava and have now moved to Tacoronte, there, he added, that next week an eight-day pilot experience will begin to close access to the TF-5 in Guamasa and that cars drift along the airport road as a third lane. “We will make mistakes, but we are not going to give up,” he added.

Dávila has justified this supposed success in the free public transport, since he has lowered the limit of free trips to ten, and that, he commented, has generated a “transfer” of users from private vehicles. He has planned to go from 6% in public transport to almost 20% at the end of the mandate. He has also cited the changes in signage in some black spots and the decision of some companies, such as Martínez Cano, to limit the use of heavy vehicles during peak hours.

She has pointed out that “not everything is done” but the political change on the island “is beginning to be noticed,” according to her, thanks to a government group that functions as a “single team” that “bravely” addresses the “great challenges and “challenges” that the island faces, with problems that were “stalled.”

In fact, in order to improve mobility, he has indicated that before the end of the year 75 new drivers will join the Titsa staff and the 247 new buses promised will progressively begin to arrive after changing the intention of the previous government team to acquire them. via credit, which meant paying 20 million in interest.

He has also indicated that this Thursday an agreement will be signed with Ashotel to facilitate the mobility of up to 1,800 workers from the main tourist centers in the North and South so that they can go to their jobs by public transport.

An appearance without advisors

Along these lines, he has said that the bipartite CC-PP is “solid, strong and destined to last over time” but, paradoxically, the vice president and Minister of Tourism, Lope Afonso, did not appear before journalists to offer a balance of his actions. wallets.

The president justified her absence by saying that a Government Council was held this Wednesday and she had a scheduled meeting with the Minister of the Presidency, Administration and Public Service, Territorial Planning and Historical Heritage, José Miguel Ruano.

He has also indicated that to the extent that the two vice presidents could not be present at the press conference, it was also decided that the rest of the directors would not be present.

Dávila has also highlighted the “excitement and determination” of the Cabildo’s staff to help the development of the island and has not forgotten that his first 100 days in office have been marked by the forest fire last summer.

In this sense, he has highlighted the work of the corporation’s extinction teams and the institutional declaration “without political colors” to undertake a reforestation plan valued at around 32 million, with its own funds, until 2026.

Kindergarten check

The president has also highlighted that the “dialogue” has been resumed with the Government of the Canary Islands given that the island had “left behind” in health, education or mobility, and she has pointed out the same with the municipalities, with which there are more “closeness” and the set of MEDI-FDCAN investments is recovered.

He has also defended family and work conciliation measures, such as the daycare voucher of 800 euros per child, the call for which will be made public in less than two weeks, the increase in resources for the Neighborhoods for Employment program and the recovery of the boost to Tenerife Fashion brand.

He has detailed that the Insular Historical Heritage Plan will mark “a before and after”, that there is a “new strategy” through the Cooperation and Housing area to obtain affordable rentals and the promotion of tourist infrastructure works with support from the Government from the Canary Islands.

He has also valued the “commitment” to promoting development projects and programs with the University of La Laguna (ULL) and has warned that he is going to fight, before the Government of the Canary Islands, to avoid having to return the funds of the Social and Health Plan due to of the “paralysis” of the previous government team.

“There is not enough money to address the serious problems that exist on the islands with vulnerable people,” he indicated, stressing that the citizens of Tenerife do not have to pay for the mismanagement of the past mandate.

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