The president of the Cabildo of Tenerife closes the door to Fonsalía and asks for “short-term” investments in Los Cristianos

The president of the Cabildo of Tenerife, Rosa Dávila (Canary Coalition), has shown herself this Monday against reopening the construction project of a port on the coast of Fonsalía, an initiative that the president of Puertos de Tenerife, Pedro Suárez, intended. that this mandate be recovered after having been rejected by Parliament in 2021. Dávila, on the other hand, has demanded “short-term” investments to resolve the “collapse” of the port of Los Cristianos.

In an interview given to Canarias Radio and reported by Europa Press, Dávila indicated that maritime and road co-management in Los Cristianos “is a problem that must be solved immediately.”

As a preliminary step, he said that the Cabildo has already awarded the services contract for the drafting of the construction project of the interchange and the undergrounding of Chayofita Avenue in Los Cristianos (Arona) for an amount of almost half a million euros and that It will allow, apart from streamlining traffic when ships arrive, to have a “friendlier relationship” with pedestrians and the hull of the maritime core.

Regarding Fonsalía, he pointed out that his party, Canarian Coalition, has already spoken out “clearly” against the project in the last term and has appealed to “change the outlook” on the island’s natural heritage.

In that sense, he has said that the west coast of the island and, especially Fonsalía, has the “largest whale sanctuary” in Europe and one of the three largest in the world along with South Africa and Australia.

For this reason, he has indicated that we must “value the biodiversity” of the island and that “not interfere” in the lives of cetaceans with infrastructure works.

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