disqualified for two years for denying information to the opposition

The Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has sentenced Román Martín, former mayor of El Tanque, to two years and seven months of disqualification from holding public office for a continued crime against civic rights by denying information to opposition councilors. The prosecution requested 12 years of disqualification.

The sentence has been in accordance and Martín (already expelled from the PSOE) has admitted that between 2013 and 2016 he “systematically and persistently denied” various municipal files to councilors Pablo Estévez and Faustino Alegría, either through verbal indications or orders. of the Mayor’s Office or decrees and always with “full knowledge” of the reports issued by the Secretariat-Intervention of the City Council in a manner favorable to access to information by the councilors.

Even, and in a “systematic and repeated” manner, according to the ruling made public this Wednesday, it excluded from the agenda of the plenary sessions the points in which it reported its resolutions with which it raised objections.

Martín has also been ordered to pay the costs.

This is the third court ruling against him after a first of 14 years of disqualification for the illegal construction of a nursing home and another ten years for the irregular hiring of workers.

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