The Prosecutor’s Office requests four years in prison for a man for sexual abuse by removing the condom without his partner knowing

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Prosecutor’s Office requests four years in prison for a man whom it accuses of a crime of sexual abuse with carnal access because he removed the condom without the couple’s knowledge, since the woman agreed to have sexual relations but with protection.

The Prosecutor’s Office reports that the injured party and the defendant went to his home, in La Matanza de Acentejo, where they agreed to maintain relations, although she imposed the use of a condom as an “unavoidable” condition, which she reiterated on several occasions.

At one point, the accused, without the woman knowing or being able to see him, “silently” removed the condom, eventually ejaculating inside her.

The Prosecutor’s Office also requests the payment of 3,000 euros and 5 years of supervised freedom after leaving prison, in which the convicted person will not be able to approach or communicate with the victim.

During that time he would be required to participate in sexual orientation training programs. The hearing is scheduled for next week at the Provincial Court.

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