The Cabildo of Tenerife awards Asaga with a direct subsidy for two mobile pig waste purification equipment

The plenary session of the Tenerife Cabildo approved this Friday a direct subsidy from the insular Corporation governed by CC and PP to the agricultural professional organization (OPA) Asaga Canarias Asaja, chaired by Ángel Delgado from Tenerife. To this end, the plenary session has approved a credit modification with the support of CC, PP and Vox and the opposition of the PSOE, initially, and, if no allegations are presented within 30 days, it will now be final. If there is a political-administrative response to that decision, and only from the PSOE, the file must go through the plenary session again.

To this non-profit entity with purposes mainly representative of the primary sector in the islands (the defense of the Canarian countryside), centrally in Tenerife (with the same function as three other homonymous entities: COAG, UPA and Palca-Unión de Unions), it returns to play the lottery as a direct subsidy that is processed (once the money is confirmed, the granting file will begin) with the name and surname of the final beneficiary; that is, without prior public attendance.

The almost 800,000 euros (795,200 euros) approved for Asaga are granted by the Tenerife Cabildo for the acquisition of capital goods by that OPA, from a private non-profit association created for the defense of agrarian policies. The Cabildo has therefore decided to pay “the planned investment” (the total cost) in a batch of mobile machines (two units) for the purification of slurry (the liquid and toxic waste produced by pig farming). With the resources already available, the concession file will begin.

This is not the first time that the Cabildo grants a direct or nominative subsidy to support projects in which Ángela Delgado appears, especially in the business field in which this representative of the local agricultural sector operates: those related to domestic market crops, in a special way the local potato and the imported one (the latter with the Cadimisa company).

An example of this direct support is what happened with the Garañaña Agricultural Cooperative (with the status of an organization of fruit and vegetable producers -OPFH-), which received nominative subsidies for several years for the management of a Cabildo facility in the Orotavense neighborhood. of Benijos, for the collection, standardization and commercialization of potato productions in the midlands of the La Orotava Valley.

Among the arguments included in the file to justify this public operation, the Tenerife Cabildo states that “it is aware [de] that a solution must be found to the slurry problem on the island of Tenerife, in a sustainable way over time. In response to the proposal presented by Asaga Canarias Asaja, [que] proposes the acquisition of two mobile slurry treatment equipment on sitegenerated in pig farms on the island of Tenerife, and given the need for public involvement for the acquisition of the planned investment, which amounts to 795,200 euros, the counselor with special delegation in Primary Sector and Animal Welfare proposes the processing of the following credit modification file: 23.0703.4195.78940 Subsidy to non-profit institutions / Other actions. Agriculture, Livestock and fishing. Acquisition of mobile equipment for slurry treatment”.

With funds that were for the improvement of the El Sauzal shelter

Public funds are taken out, and here is the reduction of credit, from those provided for in the heading Improvement and conditioning of the Ravelo hostelmunicipality of El Sauzal, for exactly the same amount: 795,200 euros.

This direct subsidy operation to Asaga was initially approved in the Governing Council of the Cabildo de Tenerife held on September 6, 2023 (and has been ratified in the island plenary session this Friday), through an amendment adding the groups of CC and PP, those who co-govern the insular Corporation.

According to this official document, it has been carried out “in accordance with the provisions of article 63.1 B) of the Organic Regulations of this Corporation” and is related to an amendment “to file No. 5 of Modification of credits of the 2023 Budget of the most excellent Island Council of Tenerife”.

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