He accepts a six-year prison sentence for trying to kill his aunt in Tenerife

A man accused of trying to kill his aunt and at the same time violating a restraining order accepted a six-year prison sentence imposed by the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Tuesday. In addition, he must compensate the victim with 30,000 euros in civil liability and pay almost 4,500 euros in fines, although he has already warned that he is insolvent.

Once released from prison, the convicted person must remain at least 200 meters away from his aunt for ten years. Once an agreement was reached between the parties, the hearing scheduled for this Monday at the Provincial Court did not have to be held.

The events took place when the accused was in public sitting on a bench, in Guía de Isora, near the home of his aunt, with whom he had not had a good relationship for a long time as a result of various family conflicts.

In fact, he had to comply with the prohibition of approaching his person, home and any places where he was, a precautionary measure imposed.

That day his aunt was walking towards her home when she was able to observe the accused in a waiting attitude, sitting on the bench and a few meters from her home.

After the accused realized that the woman who was passing by him on the lonely street was his relative, he got up and went out after her, and moved, according to the Prosecutor’s brief, with the sole intention of ending her life, he attacked her. three stabs.

Of all these injuries, the one caused to the jugular was the one that posed a life-threatening risk for the woman, who could have claimed her life at that moment if she was not treated quickly by the health workers.

In total, he required 309 days to be cured and since then his normal way of life has been affected, details the Court.

The Santa Cruz Prosecutor’s Office requested 9 years and 10 months in prison and the payment of compensation of 30,000 euros, that they could not approach her within 500 meters for 12 years and pay a fine of 6,000 euros.

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