The Cabildo of Tenerife wants to connect the municipalities of Isla Baja with the island ring

The Cabildo of Tenerife proposes to carry out works on the TF-421 highway, the winding road that connects Garachico with El Reparo and El Tanque, to, according to the corporation, allow the direct connection of the municipalities of Garachico, Los Silos and Buenavista del Norte with the insular ring.

The TSJC annuls the dismissal of an engineer and asks to check the status of the works on the Tenerife Island Ring

The TSJC annuls the dismissal of an engineer and asks to check the status of the works on the Tenerife Island Ring


As indicated by the Cabildo, the island president, Rosa Dávila, has already informed the mayor of Garachico, José Heriberto González, in a meeting that both have held at the headquarters of the corporation.

Dávila has indicated that the drafting of the project for access to the island ring through the TF-421 is already underway, and has also assured that they will work from the Highways area to be able to finish it “as soon as possible.”

The president of the Cabildo has stressed the “importance of the actions” in Garachico, as it is a historical complex of “enormous value” that “must be protected and promoted” in order to increase commerce, tourism and improve the quality of life of the habitants.

The mayor of Garachico, José Heriberto González, has said that, together with the Cabildo, they have reviewed all the demands of the municipality, as well as the entire Isla Baja region. “The president has conveyed to us her determination to be able to solve historical problems in a region that is far from the metropolitan area,” indicated the mayor.

González has said that it is necessary for the municipality to improve mobility, specifically the TF-421, because “a road of general interest passes through there, as it is a regional road and we have a historical complex that is highly visited by tourists.” .

At the meeting, other projects of interest to the council were discussed, such as the actions in the centers of Caleta de Interián, El Guincho, the paving of several streets, the improvement of the sanitation network related to the Isla Baja treatment plant. and actions in the mountains in the interface zone for protection against fires.

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