Justice forces the Port Authority to report on the execution of the Tenerife cruise terminal

The Contentious Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC) has issued a ruling that requires the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife to provide information to the entity Construcciones Dique del Este SL on various aspects related to the execution of the cruise terminal built in the island capital.

The company, which will carry out the work on the Link Dock on which the project designed by the Swiss architects Herzog & DeMeuron is planned to be built, received this award in 1997, without being able to start the work due to various political, legal and urban planning.

At the moment we are waiting for the successful bidders to be able to present the final project at the end of October once the original has been modified.

In the final ruling issued now by the TSJC, the Port Authority is obliged to send to Construcciones Dique del Este a copy of the agreement for the granting of the work of the cruise terminal, the specifications on the basis of which the aforementioned work was granted. administrative concession and date of publication of public information.

Likewise, it determines that it must be provided with a copy of the project report and certify what the execution budget was, the fees of the writing team and whether they were paid on behalf of the state agency or the concessionaire.

The lawyer for Construcciones Dique del Este, Juan Riquelme, has indicated to EFE that the intention of this appeal is to determine whether there has been favorable treatment for the concessionaires of the cruise terminal given the speed with which this project was executed, compared to to the difficulties of the Link Dock.

Riquelme points out that they have not yet been provided with the documentation as the TSJC ruled, so they will present new requirements shortly.

Puertos justified its refusal to provide the information that this matter was being prosecuted and that the file had already been sent to the Court, although it is noted that it does not contain all of the information required or the actions carried out.

The state agency adds that it is “irrelevant” to identify the people who have participated in the different meetings in which the concession was processed, in some of which no minutes were taken.

He also believes that the request for information has no basis in that the company requesting it is not a party to the process and third parties could be harmed.

The response of the TSJC is that citizens must be allowed access to administrative files and records except in cases in which the security and defense of the State, investigation of crimes or personal privacy are affected, which does not occur in this case.

After the constitution of a committee of experts, an agreement was recently reached with Ports, the Cabildo and Santa Cruz City Council to approve the latest design of the Marina presented by Dique del Este and give until October to develop it properly. detailed.

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