The Prosecutor’s Office requests 15 years in prison for three people for selling cannabis in a club in the south of Tenerife

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Prosecutor’s Office has requested a total of five years in prison and the payment of 20,500 euros to each of the three people who set up a club for the consumption and sale of cannabis in the south of Tenerife.

Specifically, for illicit association there would be two years and 5,500 euros and for the sale of this substance three years and 15,000 euros. The Prosecutor’s Office maintains that the three agreed to acquire the substance with the purpose not only of serving self-consumption but also with the purpose of distributing it among third parties in the illicit market.

To do this, in order to give the appearance of legality, the defendants, by common agreement, formed an association to study dioecious plants. One of the defendants assumed the position of president, the other as vice president and one more as secretary.

But for the public prosecution, they actually built a fictitious social structure that allowed the accused to carry out the planned crime under the protection of a seemingly legal legal figure.

The Prosecutor’s Office believes that a true social group was never formed in accordance with the statutes or carried out activities of the established association, apart from the apparently illicit distribution of cannabis.

At the time, the accused proceeded to rent premises in the town of Los Cristianos on behalf of the association, without communicating the change of address to the National Registry of Associations.

Nor was the Arona City Council informed of the start of any type of activity or conditioning work. Local Police officers appeared at said premises because renovations were being carried out without the appropriate license, locating and observing inside containers with what at first glance looked like cannabis.

Moments later, an accused and his lawyer appeared at the premises, voluntarily handing over about three kilos of hashish of different purity, worth 7,500 euros and 1,123.20 euros in cash. The trial will take place next week at the Provincial Court.

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