Tenerife Fire: Access to Teide through La Esperanza and La Orotava partially reopened: check the restrictions

The Cabildo of Tenerife reopens roads TF-24 (La Esperanza) and TF-21 (La Orotava) that give access to the Teide National Park and the TF-523 (Subida Los Loros), through Arafo, with certain restrictions. These are roads that had been cut off last August due to the forest fire that affects the mountains of the island and which, although controlled, is not yet extinguished.

The Tourism Minister of Tenerife backs down and says that charging to go to Teide is not "on the roadmap" of the Cabildo

The Tourism Minister of Tenerife backs down and says that charging to go to Teide is not “on the road map” of the Cabildo


As explained by the Cabildo, the established restrictions affect the speed of vehicles, which will be limited to 50 km/h. In addition, two-wheeled vehicles (motorcycles and bicycles) will not be able to circulate. Likewise, the transit of vehicles more than 12 meters in length is not permitted. In these sections, stopping and parking along the road and at viewpoints is prohibited.

The measures of the TF-24 (La Esperanza) will be in force between the Machado Crossing (preventory of La Esperanza) and Izaña (between km 9 and km 37.5). For its part, on Highway TF-21 (La Orotava) the measures will be applied from the access to La Caldera to El Portillo Bajo (between km 16 and km 33).

Rest of measurements

The Cabildo of Tenerife continues to apply another set of measures aimed at the population to guarantee their safety. Thus, the prohibition of travel in the area affected by the fire is maintained in the municipalities of Fasnia, Güímar, Arafo, Candelaria, El Rosario, Tacoronte, El Sauzal, La Matanza de Acentejo, La Victoria de Acentejo, Santa Úrsula, La Orotava and Los Realejos. In addition, the prohibition on the use of fire outdoors (bonfires, stoves, barbecues, gas stoves) and pyrotechnic displays is maintained in the area located within the Corona Forestal Natural Park of the municipalities affected by the fire.

In the rest of the areas of the municipalities affected by the fire, the use of machinery and tools is allowed, although extreme caution is requested when using them. Likewise, hunting activity is allowed.

Likewise, and for safety reasons, the following recreational areas and camping areas are temporarily closed: Chanajiga (Los Realejos), Hoya del Abade (La Victoria), La Caldera (La Orotava), La Laguneta Chica (Santa Úrsula ), Las Calderetas (El Sauzal), Las Raíces (El Rosario), Lomo La Jara (Tacoronte), Los Frailes (Arafo) and Ramón El Caminero (La Orotava).

“Risks” still present

The president of the Cabildo, Rosa Dávila, explained this Tuesday that “an effort has been made to clean and signage, but there is a risk because it has not been possible to place the screens and guardrails and, therefore, there are restrictions for the access. We want to thank the collaboration of the Civil Guard, who will be monitoring that the rules are complied with, and the Provincial Traffic Directorate.”

“There are more than 17 kilometers of roads and as they arrive, the screens will be placed and we hope that by the end of December they will be completely installed and we will be able to open it as normal as access will now have all the security guarantees,” explained the president of the Cabildo.

For his part, Dámaso Arteaga, Minister of Highways, indicated that “we have made a significant effort from Highways to open these roads today and we must thank the collaboration of the Civil Guard and the Provincial Traffic Directorate. We have made an emergency contract with two companies that have been eliminating the risk involved and the effect of the fire on the protections we have on the roads. These works will last until December.

“We must call for caution among both cyclists and motorcyclists, including those companies that are bringing or transporting tourists in large buses, which will not be able to circulate on these roads. They have to wait a little to ensure everyone’s safety. Traffic informs us that in two years there have been about 29 accidents, of which 24 have had a very important contribution from the barriers and defenses. Therefore, the roads are not exempt from risk. That is why the limitation of 50 km per hour and limitations regarding the circulation of certain vehicles such as motorcycles, bicycles and vehicles over 12 meters have been established,” explained the Highways Minister.

Arteaga assured that “we will open the roads progressively, so that in the month of December we trust that the work will be completed. Two companies are working and the supply is weekly. We are talking about the metal-wood screens that are integrated into the landscape and that play a fundamental role in terms of security.”

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