Sentenced to two years in prison for keeping 47,000 euros from his disabled sister in Tenerife

This Monday, a man accepted the sentence of two years in prison and the return to his disabled sister of 47,000 euros, which he appropriated by taking advantage of the fact that he had been appointed her guardian by a court.

The conformity sentence accepted today at the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife implies that the convicted person will not enter prison on the condition that he does not commit a crime for two years and that he will return the money within the same period.

Initially, the Prosecutor’s Office requested six years in prison and the payment of 88,350 euros for a crime of misappropriation that has now been assumed by the defendant, who admits that when he was in charge of managing his sister’s assets, he misappropriated those 47,000 euros. between 2013 and 2019.

Currently, the woman remains admitted to a center of the Socio-Health Care Institute (IASS) of the Cabildo de Tenerife, an entity that has also been entrusted with the capacity to represent women once the irregularities began to emerge.

At the time, a court appointed the woman’s husband as guardian, although this capacity was almost immediately annulled due to the impossibility of exercising it and it was granted to the brother.

From that moment on, the investigated person began to seize all the money that the woman had and that she was receiving because her total disability had been recognized, paying only some of her minor expenses.

The brother never reported periodically to the court that appointed him guardian, despite the fact that it was one of the requirements imposed for him to assume this condition.

The Public Ministry accuses him of having appropriated these amounts to the point that his authority to manage his sister’s assets was finally withdrawn.

Once the complaint for misappropriation was filed and the IASS assumed guard and custody, the same obligation was imposed on the center to report to the court every six months on the status and evolution of the woman.

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