The Security Councilor blames a drafting problem for the police order that harasses the homeless in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

A wording problem. The second deputy mayor and Security Councilor of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council, Gladis de León, from the Canarian Coalition, has attributed to this reason the order issued to the city’s local police officers on September 15 to proceed with harass homeless people that could be detected in the downtown commercial area, specifically on the emblematic Castillo Street. The harassment basically consists of demanding their documentation even though they are not committing any administrative or criminal offense.

The Local Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife harass the homeless so that they do not disturb the merchants in the noble area of ​​the city

The Local Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife harass the homeless so that they do not disturb the merchants in the noble area of ​​the city


De León denies that in the meeting that the merchants’ associations held a week before the order with their partner from Corporación Purificación Dávila, “any problem with homeless or homeless people was addressed, and in fact it was not [ese] the reason for it.” What clashes with the chronicle published on September 7 by the local newspaper The daywhich not only echoes the statement issued by the City Council but also reinforces its information with the arguments of the businessmen: “The Association of Businessmen of the Central Zone and the Federation of Urban Areas of Tenerife (Fauca) demand more security from the City Council before the “increase in aggressive homeless people” in the historic center of the municipality,” can be read in the first paragraph of the information, signed by journalist Eloísa Reverón.

The Security Councilor maintains, however, that “the meeting was due to small thefts that are taking place in the area or the presence of some people who bother pedestrians with uncivil acts, without going into assessing [quiénes son] the authors or their socioeconomic characteristics; and a greater police presence was requested by the merchants.”

From that request, maintains the second deputy mayor, “is derived the police order that has given rise to this controversy, but which in no case speaks of homelessness,” she maintains, despite the specification of “homeless” people in the text of the order issued by police commanders to their subordinates.

De León rejects that the municipal government of Santa Cruz de Tenerife can be accused of persecuting or not paying attention to homeless people. “Quite the opposite, practically [el Ayuntamiento] It alone supports the only large shelter on the Island and has numerous intervention projects underway” worth “almost three million euros a year.”

“The controversy arises from a matter of wording of the order,” concludes the councilor, “but what must be made clear is that this Government is not going to allow uncivil behavior in any neighborhood and is going to provide all possible resources to guarantee coexistence in the streets.”

Florentino Guzmán: “Yes, there are ideological differences”

The PSOE councilor in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council Florentino Guzmán was the first to echo what happened with the order to persecute homeless people by the Local Police of that municipality. He did so with a publication on It also reflected the contrast between the order to harass people without resources in Santa Cruz with the announcement made a day earlier by the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council, governed by the PSOE, that it would allocate more than 340,000 euros precisely to address the needs of “homeless people and prevent social exclusion”. “Yes, there are ideological differences,” he proclaimed.

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