The Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands ratifies the sentence of 39 years in prison for a gang that trafficked cocaine

The Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC) has ratified a sentence of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in which a total of 39 years in prison and the payment of 540,000 euros to a gang formed by 10 people who were dedicated to bringing and distributing cocaine on the island from Paraguay.

The sentence recalls that the plot came to light when the Civil Guard detained an Argentine citizen at the Los Rodeos airport who was carrying this substance and from here a series of lines of investigation were channeled based on telephone interventions to the numbers that was in the possession of the detainee.

One of the main difficulties that investigators faced is that the suspects used the Guaraní language to communicate with each other by telephone, so it was necessary to resort to the services of a specialized translator.

In parallel, the detainee’s previous trips, shipping patterns, airport recordings were reviewed, and information was requested from airlines.

As a result of all this, it was discovered that it was a Paraguayan group organized under the direction of one person who was later joined by others whose common link was to bring cocaine from Paraguay through human couriers.

One of the detainees turned out to be a fundamental piece as she was the one who organized the shipments, acquired the substance and captured the human couriers, but also provided the necessary infrastructure in Madrid for storage and subsequent shipment to the islands, where she also had other members. of the group.

The initial sentence, now ratified by the TSJC, imposed sentences ranging from a maximum of 7 years in prison and a minimum of 23 months and 150,000 and 254 euros in fines.

The members of the group distributed tasks such as purchasing tickets, monitoring trips, transferring to the airport and to the points where this substance was going to be stored on the island and to whom it was delivered to those who sold it at retail.

At the beginning of 2019, a woman was arrested in Los Rodeos with almost two kilos of cocaine, 85% pure and worth around 97,000 euros, and at the end of that same year, a minor daughter of one of them was intercepted in Madrid. those convicted with a kilo of cocaine that they brought from Paraguay.

The girl was tried by a Juvenile Court and was sentenced to 15 months of confinement and from then on her parents were identified, they were arrested after searching their homes and then the same was done in three other houses. more than condemned.

The TSJC praises the “commendable, arduous, extensive and effective operation” of the security forces that managed to identify and arrest the members of the gang and immediately rejects the appeals of all of them and ratifies the sentence of the Provincial Court.

The telephone interventions are also considered valid, from an expert point of view and for being correctly endorsed by a judge, when identifying each of the members of the gang, their tasks and unraveling how they organized the shipments that were intercepted. .

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