The Civil Guard catches two thieves red-handed in rental cars in Arico

Civil Guard agents have arrested two people whom they relate to the theft inside six vehicles, most of them rentals, in Arico, Tenerife. The agents surprised these people just as they were carrying out one of these robberies.

These are two residents of Arico who are accused of the crimes of robbery with force and theft from inside vehicles, according to sources from the armed institute.

The robberies and thefts took place in the area known as the Arcos de Tajao parking lot.

From the analyzes carried out by the agents it was found that they were committed mainly in rental vehicles, in which the detainees supposedly introduced a small object between the frame and the body of one of the doors, accessing the locking system.

They used to steal cash, mobile terminals and bank cards that were later used to withdraw cash from the accounts of the injured parties.

As a result of the devices that were carried out, it was possible to surprise red-handed to the detainees.

The vehicle in which one of them was found had clear signs of break-in, so both were arrested.

The detainees, together with the proceedings carried out, have been brought to the judicial disposal of the court on guard duty in Granadilla de Abona.

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