The PSOE reproaches CC for the management of the Tenerife fire

The leader of the opposition, Angel Victor Torres (PSOE), and the president of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo (CC), have had several clashes in the parliamentary debate this Monday over the management of the regional Executive of the fires of Tenerife.

Torres has reproached Clavijo that in the fire coordination meetings, which This Monday it was considered controlled After having spread over an area of ​​more than 14,000 hectares in a perimeter of 90 kilometers, they did not include the mayors of the twelve affected municipalities while giving more importance to public positions than to technical ones.

Also, he has assured that the technical meetings of an emergency such as a fire “are priced”, among other reasons because civil or criminal liabilities may arise, and he has disgraced the fact that Government officials without powers attended and that they also appeared sitting while the specialists had to standing up.

The leader of the Canarian socialists has also asked the Executive to adopt urgent prevention measures and maintain “the investment line of the previous executive”, highlighting that in the previous legislature a budget of two million euros was raised to 10.2 million. euros. “That is the path that the new Government must follow, in addition to implementing the action plan against climate change,” he stated.

Along these lines, he has maintained that this fire confirms that climate change “is real” and that if urgent measures are not taken the situation “will worsen.”

The Canary Islands president has defended the presence of political officials in the coordination meetings, stating that everyone who participated in the meetings had some entrusted function. Specifically, he has alluded to the vice president, Manuel Domínguez, who was in charge of coordinating with the mayors or to the vice-counselor of the Presidency, Alfonso Cabello, who, as he is also the spokesperson for the Government, “has to communicate.”

He has also denied that there was a lack of coordination with the mayors of the affected municipalities. Also, he has stated that in the coordination meetings “there were the people who had to be there” and he does not understand that “some are playing politics” when they complain that there was no communication between the mayors. “Maybe only those from the PSOE felt abandoned, everyone has my phone number, who couldn’t contact me?” He stated.

“The fire could have affected thousands of homes”

Clavijo has acknowledged that the forest fire, which started in the early hours of August 15 to 16 between the municipalities of Arafo and Candelaria, had “two very complicated days” in which the fire could have gotten out of hand and affected “thousands of houses.”

The Canarian president stated in the first days of fighting the fire that it was the most complex fire that has taken place in the Canary Islands in the last 40 years. The meteorological conditions and the orography were the main difficulties in the extinction work. 13,000 people had to be evacuated in different municipalities and 1,200 of them were housed in shelters.

In this sense, Clavijo has valued the “heroic work” of the more than 1,000 participating troops so that no person or home was affected. Regarding the response to the fire, both the president and all the parliamentary spokespersons have agreed to praise the optimal coordination and cooperation of all administrations.

Clavijo insists that he reported rigorously when he said that the fire was arson

The president of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, defended this Tuesday that he acted with total rigor when attributed to investigations by the Civil Guard that the fire in Tenerife last August was caused.

He insisted that he did not say anything in public that had not been said at the emergency management meeting. However, he has accused “some advisors” of the Ministry of the Interior of saying something that “was not true” through ‘El País’ to generate “controversy” just in the days when CC pledged its support for Feijóo’s investiture. .

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