The Tenerife forest fire is still active and it is prohibited to enter the perimeter of the fire

The president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Rosa Dávila, has asked the population of the island to “common sense” and not to enter the perimeter of the fire. The fire, which has affected almost 15,000 hectares of the forest crown, is still active.

Dávila has highlighted that in the perimeter of the fire there are still more than 110 people still working intensely in the work of extinction and recovery of trails and roads.

Thus, entering the area can put at risk not only the lives of those who do so without authorization, but also those who work in the area affected by the fire.

Dangerous work continues to be carried out at the site, such as technical fires and tree felling, which are not carried out unless there is “absolute” certainty that there are no other people in the area. The Civil Guard will increase control and sanction those who are reckless and enter the perimeter.

The Cabildo de Tenerife will hold an extraordinary plenary session on the forest fire this Monday. During the plenary session, a proposal will be debated regarding the adoption of agreements, at the request of the political groups of the island corporation, with a battery of measures aimed at addressing the consequences of the damage caused by the forest fire and future actions in this matter. .

The Cabildo has recalled the prohibition to access the mountains of the municipalities affected by the fire due to the danger it poses to people.

Grade 3 measures continue in the municipalities of Güímar, Arafo, Fasnia, Candelaria, El Rosario, Tacoronte, El Sauzal, La Matanza de Acentejo, La Victoria de Acentejo, Santa Úrsula, La Orotava and Los Realejos, in which it is prohibited make fires in recreational areas and travel along forest tracks and trails.

The regulations also prohibit staying in the mountains and making fires outdoors (bonfires, stoves, barbecues, gas stoves), as well as pyrotechnic displays and the use of machinery and tools that cause sparks.

In addition, motor vehicle circulation is not permitted on forest trails for recreational purposes, while hunting activity is prohibited in these municipalities, except in Güímar and Fasnia, where it is allowed.

The extinction operation deployed this Friday is made up of 110 people, to which we must add the coordination and logistics personnel who continue working on the emergency.

The Cabildo’s helicopters are operating in Santa Úrsula and small reproductions have also occurred in the area of ​​Acentejo and La Orotava.

The rest of the Brifor Operation personnel are deployed throughout the island in surveillance and extinction tasks in the event of possible outbreaks.

There are 15 people carrying out restoration work and 20 people working on adapting forest tracks by removing material affected by the fire.

The accesses to the Teide National Park through the TF-24 (La Esperanza) and TF-21 (La Orotava) will continue to be closed to traffic for several weeks to guarantee the safety of people and facilitate extinction work, and also the TF- 523 (Los Loros climb).

Access to the Teide National Park can be done through Vilaflor (TF-21) and Chío (TF-38) and the cable car cut has been modified, moving it to Portillo Alto, so that people can access the restaurants that are located in the area.

As for the trails of the Teide National Park, they remain completely closed: Trail No. 1 La Fortaleza, Trail No. 2 Arenas Negras, Trail No. 8 El Filo, Trail No. 14 Alto de Guamaso, Trail No. 17 Igueque, Trail No. 20 Fasnia Volcano, Trail No. 21 Corral del Niño to La Yegua Blanca, Trail No. 25 Recibo Quemado, Trail No. 29 Degollada del Cedro, Trail No. 34 Montaña Limón, Trail No. 36 Alto de La Fortaleza and Trail No. 37 Cerrillar-Carnicería.

Trail no. the beginning in contact with the trail nº1 La Fortaleza until its contact with the trail nº33 Montaña Negra).

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