Investigated for recklessly driving a crane in the south of Tenerife

Civil Guard agents belonging to the Investigation and Analysis Group of the Canary Islands Traffic Sector (GIAT) have conducted proceedings in which they are investigating a 60-year-old man for reckless driving on the TF-1 highway.

The investigation was based on a video broadcast on various social networks in which it can be seen how a crane transporting a car circulates in the opposite direction between kilometers 92 and 91.5 of the TF-1, a section that has a lane in the direction to Santa Cruz and two in the direction of Santiago del Teide.

In these images it can be seen how he crosses other road users who were traveling correctly in his lane, and despite the warnings, such flashes of lights and horns, he persists.

Once he returns to his lane, he drives erratically again when, after joining the deceleration lane of a nearby exit, he realizes his mistake and after swerving again puts road safety at risk, the Civil Guard detailed in a statement. .

Regarding the facts investigated, the corresponding proceedings have been delivered to the Arona investigative court acting as a guard.

The Traffic Group of the Civil Guard appreciates the citizen collaboration and recalls that in accordance with the provisions of the Penal Code, the crime of reckless driving is punishable by a prison sentence of between six months and two years and the deprivation of the right to drive vehicles. motorized and mopeds for a period of more than one and up to six years.

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