PSOE and PP close an agreement to govern the Tenerife municipality of Arico

The PSOE and the Popular Party (PP) in the Tenerife municipality of Arico, which were the first and fourth political forces in the local elections on May 28, have closed an agreement to govern together in this town in the south of the island, which means modifying the composition of the Governing Board that had been constituted on June 28. The Socialists were the most voted list, with 43.34% of the votes, which gave them six councillors. The PP was the fourth force, with 12.63% of the votes and two councillors. In second place was the Canarian Coalition, which garnered 21.26% of the votes (three councilors) and is left out of the municipal pact. Third place was occupied by Arico Somos Todos, with two councilors.

The decree of the Mayor’s Office, directed by Olivia Delgado (PSOE), published this Monday, names the four new deputy mayors and details the areas that have been assigned to them, so that the popular ones take over the First and Third Tenure of Mayor, and the PSOE, the other two.

They are, in this order, Andrés Celestino Martínez Morales (PP), Ariam Stefany Álvarez Trujillo (PSOE), Eudalia José Pestano Marrero (PP) and Agustín Zacarías Tejera Dorta (PSOE).

The first deputy mayor will hold the areas of Works Planning and Urbanism; Sport and Youth.

Ariam Stefany Álvarez Trujillo, second deputy mayor, will direct Employment; Public Services and Works; Parties; Hiring; Living place; Coasts and Ports; and Historical Heritage.

Eudelia José Pestano Marrero will direct Citizen Participation; Tourism; Local and Economic Development; Equality; Industry and, finally, Transport.

Finally, the fourth deputy mayor, Agustín Zacarías Tejera Dorta, will direct the Environment and Waste areas; Internal Regime; Social Welfare; Health, Sanitation and Addictions; Primary sector; Culture; Education; Animal welfare; And older.

For her part, the mayoress, Olivia María Delgado Oval, will lead the areas of the Presidency; Institutional Relations; Citizen Security and Mobility; Area of ​​Economy and Finance, Budgets and Municipal Patrimony.

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