The Copernicus program estimates the area burned by the Tenerife fire at 10,957 hectares

The European Copernicus satellite system estimates the area burned by the Tenerife forest fire declared on August 15 at 10,957 hectares. They are 1,380 hectares more than those estimated three days ago and make it the worst fire in the Canary Islands in the last 40 years.

The latest updated calculation was made by the Copernicus system based on an image taken by the Sentinel 2 satellite at noon this Thursday. The area affected by the flames in the Tenerife fire amounts to 14,624 hectares, although this data could be revised downward, according to the head of the Civil Protection service, Montserrat Román.

The fire was technically stabilized on Thursday evening after 48 hours had passed without its perimeter having been expanded.

However, the president of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, warned that “probably” in the next few days there could be reactivations of the fire due to the high temperatures, but there are media deployed that, if this circumstance occurs, they would act “immediately and forcefully”. to quell it.

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