A 30-meter banner in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife thanks the seaplanes

This Thursday, Puertos de Tenerife has installed a 30-meter-long banner thanking the people who fight against the fire on the island and, in particular, the seaplane operators who take water several times a day in the Anaga dock.

In this way, the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has joined the expressions of gratitude that citizens and institutions are sending to all those who, from any field, enclave and profession, are working to control the fire declared at night of last August 15 and that devastates the mountains.

Said gratitude has materialized with the installation this Friday morning of a 30-meter-long banner on the South Pier of the port of the capital of Tenerife, clearly visible not only for the operators of the seaplanes that several times a day take water in the Dársena de Anaga, but for any other user or client of the port.

As indicated on its social networks, where you can already see a video and photographs of this initiative, Puertos de Tenerife expresses its gratitude to all those involved in extinguishing the fire, committing itself to continue guaranteeing the operation joint not only of these ships but also of the ships that daily arrive at port with their different operations.

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