More than twenty evicted by the Tenerife fire await surrounded by solidarity and uncertainty

More than twenty people who have been evicted from their homes for the forest fire declared this Tuesday in Tenerife They wait in one of the shelters arranged for their attention with uncertainty but also surrounded by solidarity.

Follow the last hour of the fire in Tenerife

Follow the last hour of the fire in Tenerife


One of these points is the San Isidro-El Chorrillo sports hall, in the municipality of El Rosario, which He has been receiving evictions from the south of the island all morning. The atmosphere that is breathed outside is calm, despite the huge traffic of cars, which arrive at this pavilion temporarily transformed into a shelter to leave animals, food or material that is needed, such as toys and stretchers.

Since last morning, this accommodation provided by the El Rosario City Council has been hosting different groups of families, reaching a total of 26 people and 8 sheltered animals.

Some evicted remain outside, worried about whether they will be able to return to their homes as soon as possible, but they have the security of knowing that they are protected at all times.

Inside, many protect their identity and privacy, so they do not want to share their concern when there is little information about the state of their homes.

Others can’t even speak or answer questions, because of the inherent emotion and sadness that accompanies all kinds of environmental catastrophes.

On the outskirts of this pavilion in the municipality of Rosario, there are city council personnel, Cruz Ruja personnel, as well as medical assistance technicians who constantly ask about the status of everyone who is in the environment and inside the establishment.

Many other evicted from the southern area of ​​the island have come to the area not to stay, simply to have someone with whom to share time and uncertainty until they are welcomed by other relatives.

Some pet animals arrive at this pavilion with nervousness and a look that translates into concern, because they don’t know where they are and don’t recognize their surroundings. Among them, a few have remained outside the establishment with their owners.

The calls and solidarity have not ceased throughout the morning, while the seaplanes, which are working to extinguish the fire, are observed at a very low altitude.

In the distance, the sounds of the radio can be heard, as well as the television, but, despite the coverage, the information is still not what is necessary for these sheltered people.

Between what is observed from the place and the unusual rain of ashes, the evicted are surprised by the magnitude, the future and closeness of a fire that has already affected more than 2600 hectares, while they think about what could have caused the fire. fire.

In spite of everything, the conversations of the different groups of families always lead to joy, avoiding delving into sadness, with the aim of moving forward and letting time pass.

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